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  • model 16-18


The TENNSMITH notcher, Model 16-18, is a versatile, heavy-duty bench tool for shearing, notching and piercing work. The heavy cast iron construction allows the notcher to be used to side shear six inches of material to its rated capacity; and the throat behind the upper ram is beveled on one side to permit long strips of material to pass without restriction.

Notches of more than 90 degrees can be accomplished in two operations. The upper blades can be reversed for a “nose to heel” cutting action; and the ram stroke can be controlled by means of two set screws to permit limited throat piercing and knockout operations.

*Shown with Optional Stand

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Notcher Model 16-18
Maximum capacity notching, mild steel 16 gauge/1.6 mm
Maximum capacity piercing, mild steel 18 gauge/1.25 mm
Notch 6 x 6 in. x 90 degrees
152 x 152 mm x 90 degrees
Dimensions, handles removed, LxWxH 19 x 18 x 15 in.
238 x 257 x 381 mm
Shipping weight 170 Ibs./77 kg

Available options: Tab blades and heavy-duty fabricated stand.

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