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Mechanical Shears

TENNSMITH's MSE Series mechanical shears utilize a low maintenance design, coupled with an array of standard features for an attractive combination of high value and solid performance.

The MSE Series come standard with four-edge, high carbon, high chrome blades, a self-leveling hold down bar with neoprene insert, single, continuous and jog stroke cycles, motor reverse switch, precision-machined table, dual inch/metric inlaid bed scales and non-metallic gibs. The MSE Series also incorporates the unique front operated 2x-F back gauge system. This system allows the operator to move the backstop from 0 to 30 inches in approximately 2 seconds with only two rotations of the handle. Capacities of the shears are 16-gauge mild steel, 22-gauge stainless with 73 or 121 cutting lengths and speeds of 40 strokes per minute.

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The MSE Series is available in the following configurations MSE616 (Base), MSE1016-R, MSE1016-F and MSE1016-FC.

The MSE616-R / MSE1016-R shear is standard in a “Performance Package-R” configuration. The Performance Package includes: a five foot squaring arm, a pair of front support arms, rear material return air operated sheet support system, and parts counter.

The MSE616-F / MSE1016-F shear is standard in a “Performance Package-F” configuration. The Performance Package includes: a four foot squaring arm, a pair of front support arms, front material return air operated sheet support system, parts counter.

The MSE1016-FC includes all the features of the MSE1016-F, but also includes a front return material cart as standard. The material cart allows for sheared materials to be moved from the shear to other areas in the shop without restacking. Numerous Options are available for the MSE Series. Please contact Tennsmith for further details.

MSE Series Shears MSE616 MSE1016
Maximum shearing capacity, mild steel 16 gauge/1.6 mm 16 gauge/1.6 mm
Maximum shearing capacity, stainless steel 20 gauge/1.0 mm 20 gauge/1.0 mm
Maximum cutting length 73 in./1854 mm 121 in./3073 mm
Back gauge range 30 in./762 mm 30 in./762 mm
Strokes per minute, full length 40 40
Motor-230/460v, 3-phase, 60Hz 3 hp 3 hp
Number of holddowns Solid BAR Solid BAR
Floor space, gauges in position 92 x 69 x 50 in.
2337 x 1753 x 1270 mm
140 x 69 x 50 in.
3556 x 1753 x 1270 mm
Shipping weight 2,300 lbs./1046 kg 4,150 lbs./1886 kg

Available options: Air-operated sheet support system, five-foot squaring arm, front support arms, protractor and stroke counter.

The MSE Performance Package includes:
1. Five-foot squaring arm. 2. Pair of front support arms. 3. Air-operated sheet support system, F or R.
( “F” is a Front Return Material System via material tray located under the shear table. “R” is a Rear Return Material System.)
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