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Manual Rotary Machine

TENNSMITH's rotary machine, Model R22, with interchangeable rolls, is a versatile forming tool for the manual performance of numerous sheet and metal operations.

This tool features solid cast, enclosed frame and smooth meshing machine gears. Material can be fed through the rolls in either direction by selecting the proper arbor. The forming pressure of the rolls is controlled by the crank on top of the frame. This unit comes standard with six different rolls, a hand crank, spanner and bench stand.

TENNSMITH's rotary Model R24 provides simultaneous crimping and beading on 24-gauge and lighter materials. Spacer collars are provided with the machine to enable crimp-only operation. Optional extended ogee bead rolls are also available to configure the unit solely for beading. Standard equipment for the Model R24 includes ogee bead and crimping rolls, spacers, a hand crank, spanner and bench stand.

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Manual Rotary Machine R22
Capacity, mild steel 22 gauge/0.75 mm
Throat 7 in./177 mm
Distance, shaft center to center 2 in./50 mm
Shipping weight 67lbs./30 kg
Roll Chart R22
Name Part Number Roll Diagram Type
"A" / 1/8" 22100/22101 turning Turning
"C" 22106/22107 burring Burring
"D" 22108/22109 wiring Wiring
"E" 22110/22111 crimping Crimping
"F" / 3/4" 22113/22114 ogee beading Ogee Beading
"G" 22115/22116 single beading Single Beading
Manual Rotary Machine R24
Capacity, mild steel 24 gauge/0.61 mm
Throat N/A
Distance, shaft center to center 1-3/4 in./44.5 mm
Shipping Weight 35 lbs./15.7 kg
Roll Chart R24
Roll Diagram Type
crimping Crimping
Ogee Beading Ogee Bending
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