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  • LMS12614

Powered Shear

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The bottom line in any metal cutting system is productivity. Sheets have to be cut with absolute precision at a rate that sustains your overall production. TENNSMITH LMS Series step up this task perfectly. The LMS126-14 easily handles 14-gauge mild steel up to 18-gauge stainless up to 127 inches in cutting length.

At the heart of these durable mechanical shears is a low-maintenance design paired with features that enhance productivity in a number of ways. These include a unique 2x back gauge system, which enables operators to move the backstop from 0 to 30 inches in approximately 2 seconds. In addition, the back-gauge comes standard with a digital readout with increments of 0.001”.

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Other features:

  • Four-edge, high carbon, high chrome top and bottom blades
  • Independent, self-leveling hold down bar with neoprene insert
  • Single, continuous and jog stroke cycles
  • Motor reverse switch
  • Precision-machined table with hand well
  • Dual inch/metric inlaid bed scales and non-metallic gibs.

There is a variety of optional equipment as well, including ten-foot squaring arm, t-slotted front support arms, t-slotted table with inlaid inch/metric scales, light beam and protractor attachments. LMS Shears make the ideal complement to the SBS Series and other folders.

Configured to meet Your needs

LMS series shears come exclusively in a “performance package” configuration. This includes:

  • Five Foot Squaring Arm
  • A pair of Front Support Arms
  • Air Operated Sheet Support System.

Performance package configurations accommodate your needs giving you two cut sheet placement options. Material is either placed in the front of the machine or rear (per your specification). “R” designates rear return, and “F” is for front return.

TENNSMITH also gives you industry-leading quality and durability plus a three-year warranty—one of the strongest in the metal folding industry. We also support you with a highly responsive service network, which includes sales engineers who are well regarded for their ability to precisely tailor our equipment to customer needs.

Maximum Shearing Capacity, Mild Steel 14 gauge/2,0mm
Mild Steel Rated Materials 80,000 Tensile / 44,000 Yield
Maximum Shearing Capacity, Stainless Steel 18 gauge/1,25mm
Stainless Shear Rated Materials 90,000 Tensile / 55,000 Yield
Maximum Cutting Length 127 in/3225mm
Back gauge Range 30 in/762mm
Strokes per Minute 35
Number of Hold downs Solid Bar with Insert
Motor-230/460v, 3-phase, 60Hz 5 hp
Overall Dimensions, Less Gauges, LxWxH 145 x 27 x 55-1/2 in
Floor Space, Gauges in Position 145 x 60 x 55-1/2 in
Shipping Weight 6200 lbs
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