Low-Profile Shears

TENNSMITH's LM1010 / LM1210 is equipped with a standard “Go-To” 30-inch back gauge system. The ball screw-driven back gauge provides quick, accurate cuts. The operator simply inputs a dimension, and then presses enter, and the gauge automatically positions to that number. Please call for more details. The LM1010 is also available with the unique 2x back gauge system (LM1010-2x). This allows the operator to move the backstop from 0 to 30 inches in approximately 2 seconds with only two rotations of the handle. An optional digital readout is available for this system.

The LM Series shears are standard with four-edge, high carbon, high chrome blades, independent, self-leveling hold down feet with neoprene inserts, single, continuous and jog stroke cycles, motor reverse switch, precision-machined table with hand well, dual inch/metric inlaid bed scales and non-metallic gibs.

The rated capacity of the LM1010 is 10-gauge mild steel, 14-gauge stainless up to 121 inches in cutting length.

The rated capacity of the LM1210 is 10-gauge mild steel, 14-gauge stainless up to 145 inches in cutting length.

To enhance productivity, optional equipment available for the machine includes: five or ten-foot squaring arm, front support arms, light beam and protractor attachments. Please contact for a complete listing of optional equipment. The LM1010 / LM1210 also have available an air operated sheet support system. This system is available as Rear Return Only: System R drops the support material to the rear of the machine. Please call for details.

The LM series shears are available in a reduced price “Performance Package” configuration. The Performance Package includes: a five foot squaring arm, a pair of front support arms, and air operated sheet support system. Performance “R” system is for rear return.

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LM1010 LM1010 LM1010 LM1010 LM1010 LM1010 LM1010
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Models LM412, LM510, LM810, LM1014 and LM1214 are standard with the back gauge system shown with optional digital readout. This unique design allows the operator to move the backstop the complete travel from 0 to 24 inches or 0 to 30 inches with the two rotations of the handle. The 2x-F system is more advantageous than powered back gauge units due to the tremendous speed advatage. The system includes a brake for accurate repeat cuts. The unit utilizes a 24-inch dual inch/metric scale. Longer back gauge ranges and optional digital readout are available.

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The back gauge system of the LM1010 shear features ball screws which provide accuracy and repeatability throughout the 30-inch back gauge travel. The back gauge is powered by a 3/4-hp gear motor and controlled by a "GO TO" control system with stroke counter. An optional rear drop sheet support system is available for the LM1010.

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Standard features for the LM1010 control box include: selection for continuous or single cutting stroke, and jog button with reverse switch. A "GO TO" back gauge control pad with stroke counter allows quick, accurate back gauge positioning up to 30 inches.

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The optional four-foot squaring arm is a precision gauage, which can be mounted left or right and has inlaid inch/metric scaling and adjustable guide block. Also available in ten and twelve-foot lengths. A toggle on the block lets sheet stock slide underneath, then pivots to the stop position.

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Independent, spring loaded, self-leveling holddowns exert uniform pressure on work piece, ensuring an accurate cut. The plungers have neoprene inserts to prevent marring the surface of the pice.

NOTE: Safety guard has been removed for photo purposes only.

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Example 1: Illustrates longer material being sheared by sliding material under the backstop. Most competitors are limited to 24" or 30", and longer pieces cannont be sheared like a TENNSMITH.

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Example 2: Illustrates the sheet support system

Machines are standard with 220 Volt or 440 Volt 3 Phase 60 Hz

LM Series Options and Accessories:

  • Squaring Arm, Five Foot with Dual Inlaid Inch/Metric Scale
  • Squaring Arm, Ten Foot with Dual Inlaid Inch/Metric Scale
  • Additional Flip-up Stops for Squaring Arm (each)
  • Front Support Arms, Pair
  • T-Slotted Table with Two Front Support Arms with Inlaid Inch/Metric Scales
  • Additional Flip-up Stops for T-Slotted Support Arms and Table (each)
  • Power Go-To Back gauge 30 Inch Travel
  • Protractor Attachment
  • Work Shadow Light LM Series
  • Stroke Counter for LM Series (Electro-Mechanical)
  • Digital Readout for 2x Back gauge System
    Increased Cutting Speeds (Please consult factory)
  • Please inquire for optional features not listed

Low-Profile Mechanical Shears LM1010 LM1010-2X LM1210
Maximum shearing capacity, mild steel 10 gauge / 3.5 mm 10 gauge / 3.5 mm 10 gauge / 3.5 mm
Maximum shearing capacity, stainless steel 14 guage / 2.0 mm 14 guage / 2.0 mm 14 guage / 2.0 mm
Maximum cutting length 121 in./3073 mm 121 in./3073 mm 145 in./3683 mm
Back guage range 30 in./762 mm (Go-To) 30 in./762 mm (2x) 30 in./762 mm (Go-To)
Strokes per minute, full length 35 35 35
Number of holddown feet 16 16 18
Motor-230/460v, 3-phase, 60Hz 12.5 hp 12.5 hp 2 x 7.5 hp
Dimensions, less gauges, LxWxH 145 x 39 x 60 in.
3683 x 991 x 1511 mm
145 x 39 x 59-1/2 in.
3683 x 991 x 1511 mm
169 x 39 x 60 in.
4293 x 991 x 1524 mm
Floor space, gauges in position 145 x 78 x 60 in.
3683 x 1981 x 1524 mm
145 x 78 x 60 in.
3683 x 1981 x 1524 mm
169 x 78 x 60 in.
4293 x 1981 x 1524 mm
Shipping weight 9,400 lbs./4272 kg 9,400 lbs./4272 kg 11,400 lbs./5182 kg
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